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Jardine Matheson Holdings Limited (also known as Jardines) is a Bermudian-domiciled multinational conglomerate incorporated in Bermuda and headquartered in Hong Kong, with its primary listing on the London Stock Exchange and secondary listings on the Singapore Exchange and Bermuda Stock Exchange. The majority of its business interests are in Asia, and its subsidiaries include Jardine Pacific, Jardine Motors, Jardine Lloyd Thompson, Hongkong Land, Jardine Strategic Holdings, Dairy Farm, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, Jardine Cycle & Carriage and Astra International. It sponsors the Jardine Scholarship.

A former employee of Jardines Matheson wrote this on glassador: Jardines Matheson is too bureaucratic, too hierarchical, too conservative and has fewer opportunities for new employees. They suck.


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"Poor Work Atmosphere Harsh work environment Under Pay Long Shifts"

Current Employee - Area Manager says

"Top management stays at the top and not communicating with the front liners. Decision made without taking staff's opinion into consideration. Company strategy very conservative and product oriented, consumer behavior been neglected. Staff welfare not treated as priority and no HR department to manage the 2000 employees. Remuneration package never been revise for more than 20 years."

Former Employee - Supervisor says

"But you will need to carry out your own research"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Relatively conservative, big company with hierarchy"

Former Employee - Passenger Services Officer says

"Shift hours are tough, there's effectively no day off, extremely beauraucratic.. Senior staff are very moody, new employees do not feel at home at all.. If you want to see your family (or anyone that doesn't work at the airport) during your employment do not work here at all costs..."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Very low profile and conservative. Slow in technology adoption. Company culture across the group can deviate business to business ie could be either very local or European."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Not very dynamic. Very slow moving. Not very fun day to day."

Current Employee - Safety and Health Department Head says

"Low and not standardized salary"

Trainee says

"Slow development. Strict reporting system. Too Asian based"


"It is quite a conservative company"

técnico en preescolar (Former Employee) says

"el jardín infantil policarpa salavarieta es muy interesante por que se trabaja todo lo que se planea para las actividades durante el año y junto alos papas de los niñossalud totalsi en descanso"

atencian a la primera infancia (Former Employee) says

"el trabajo era muy relajado los niños son de añores hay q tener mucha paciencia y compartir lo q loas importante con ellos experiencias y sus propios cuidados aprender de ellos mismo , mis compañera eran muy buena gente y nos colabora vamos muchoprivadomuchas reuniones"

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